How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Everybody got facebook account right? And I think, there are 2 or more accounts for one person that make facebook a big community. So, with this big number, you can easily promote your blog or web through this great Social Networking Site. I have made one yesterday but not for this blog.  My affiliates offer child monitoring software for mobile phones – nice stuff actually. It’s for my free ads site but it’s the same step because the final part is you need the ‘code’ to publish it at your blog or website.

1. Login to your facebook account or create a new one.
2. Go to the bottom menu at your facebook account and find the ‘Create a Page’ link. Click to it.
3. Click on the ‘Brand or Product’ box like below.


4. Choose ‘Website’ from the dropdown list. The second box, write in your page name. Click the check box and press ‘Get Started Button’.

fb25. Upload photo for your page. And then ‘Continue’ button.


6. Invite your friends or Import Contacts for your new page or just skip it. You can edit it later. Press ‘Continue’


7. Your New Page has been properly set up. You can start posting or use the RSS Graffiti Application from facebook. It will catch all your blog post and post it to your Page Wall.


How PTC sites grow your money

I think everyone familiar with this sites. PTC stands for ‘Paid to Click’ sites which claims to pay us Thousands of Dollars. Many of us start with PTC sites to make money online. I think because it was easy to use and need no investment from the beginning.


I know several PTC sites that still paid after 3 years or more and the others will stop after a month or two. We know the risk. But I always trying to use child monitoring software free. Don’t make investment to new PTC sites. We don’t know their reputation. Although ‘Onbux’ that online for over 2 years, shut down for no reason. I join this sites for about a year and make about 5 dollar. Haha. Without any referrals.

I am lazy to click the ads every day. I am still join several PTC sites that still survive until today. Like Neobux, Clicksia, Incentria, Clixsense and BuxMatrix. But I know I can’t make more than 2 dollars a day without Referrals with this PTC sites.

Now I move further to Forex to increase (or decrease?) my earnings.

Why Do You Blog

Just want to know the top reason why do you blog. I’ve searched the net and found thousands of posts and answers for the title ‘Why Do You Blog’.


I will put it into 5 main categories for ‘why do you blog’.

1. Interesting – You love to write and it was the most important part of your life.
2. Money – I think this is the main reason. Blogging for money.
3. Want to be popular – You are not a top singer or actor and you want to be popularwith your blog.
4. Fun/Hobby/Diaries – Writing for fun. Blog when you’re free, like me. :)
5. Community/Networking/Business – Search for your own networking or to grow your business.

But, what are your motivations that keeps you blogging?

How To Get The Facebook Like|Fan Box Code

You must read 2 article before, if you want to read this one. Go to first article How To Create a Facebook Fan Page and second How To Use The RSS Graffiti Application.

So now you have create the Fan Page and feed your page with RSS Graffiti Application. The next step is you want put the Facebook Like or Fan Box on your web or blog.

Step 1. Visit your fan page and copy your fan page URL.


Step 2. Visit Paste your Fan Page URL on the text area and select the other choice to fit your fan page box with your web or blog.


– After finished, press the ‘Get Code’ button.

Step 3. A pop-up window will appear with the code inside. Follow the instruction. The code inside the top box, copy it to your blogger – Edit Html page under Design Tab. and paste it right after the <body> tag.


The second code, if you use blogger, copy it and paste it at your Page Element and child cell phone monitoring software. Go to Design tab – Page Element and choose Add A Gadget at the sidebar or any other place you want to put it. Choose HTML/Javascript, paste the code and save.


– Now ‘View’ your blog and you got the Facebook Like|Fan Box at your website or blog.

If you want simpler Like Facebook button, just adjust the Like|Fan Box Layout styles and choose your own box.

How To Use The RSS Graffiti Application on Facebook

You must see the previous article before you read this one. Click here to read How To Create a Facebook Fan Page.

Step 1. Go to and authorize it.


Step 2. Click ‘Allow’ when the app request for permission.


Step 3. Click the Name of the Page that you have created before and ‘Click To Authorize’ button.


Step 4. Check the setting again and Click ‘Allow’ at the next page.


Step 5. Click the ‘Add Feed’ button on the next page like below.


Step 6. Add your Feed URL. For blogger, you can use blogger feed, cell phone monitoring for kids or feed-burner that you have set on your blog. I think for for blogger feed, the feed address it Tell me if I’m wrong.


Step 7. Then click the sentence below the box that says ‘click here to fetch and preview it’.
Step 8. Go to the Filter tab and select if you want the feed start from your post or start from you create the fan page.

Your Fan Page URL will look like (this was mine). I think I can get the URL shorter than this later.

You have just created your own fan page but with no fans like mine. You can get more fans, you can add a Facebook Like Box in your blog or website.

Which Screen Capture Software Did You Use

Its a ton of screen capture software out there like FastStone or Any-Capture. Which one is the best and which one did you use? I don’t know much about this software but I know it was the important software I should have to capture something on my screen. Right now I use Jing software from TechSmith or parental control monitoring. They also get Snagit, but it’s only got 30 day trial. With Jing, I can always use it for free. But you can get more tools if you pay for the software.


I don’t want to go Pro with Jing in another few months because I don’t need it right now. Maybe later. You can download Jing free version here. Very simple and easy to use. Which screen capture software did you use?

After Two Weeks

I’m at work for 24 hours today. So not much time to write or searching something on the net. Sometimes, I asked myself. Why do I blog? I think the best answer is because I must start write something about what I know and share it to others, and to deliver to my readers new parental control app. Blog also can be my diary or my journals just for me or maybe as a reference for the others.


I know several reasons why do we start blogging. Maybe for political reasons, religious or to grow your business and building your brand. All bloggers have their own agendas. So, why do you blog?

QR Code in Blogger

Did you have finished explore your blogger blog? I found this picture in Email & Mobile pages under the Setting Tab.


So, what is it? Search the web and found that this is a QR code stands for ‘Quick Response’. It’s because they allow the end user to quickly catch the information that you want to share to your blog.

But how to use it? If you want to read the QR code you need to download a QR code reader to your mobile device. Activate your QR code application or monitoring app and point it as the QR code square. Your mobile device will read the code then transmit the information to your phone.

What will appear in my phone if I activate the QR? Just click the preview button when you activate it and you will see how it will appear in your phone.


You can choose the template for mobile in the dropdown menu. See my blog in phone when I click the preview button with simple mobile template.


How To Generate Favicon

On yesterday post, I’ve told you how to add favicon to blogger. But how to make your own favicon? You can search on google but I use the favicon generator from Dynamic Drive. Click here if you want to use their tools.


What you need is an image with not more than 150 Kb size in gif, jpg, png or bmp format. Click browse or parental monitoring services, choose your image on your computer and click ‘Create Icon’. After that, you can download your favicon to your computer and put it on your blog.

How To Add Favicon to Blogger

What is a favicon ? A Favicon is the small image you see beside the address bar in your browser and depending on the browser you use it is also visible in the tab menu. You can get more info on Wiki.

The fav icon can give your blog its own identity and look more pro. Today, its easy to change your favicon because Blogger made it part of the options on your blogs design page. You can add a custom favicon to your blog for just few clicks or try monitoring apps. See this article from bloggerindraft.