How To Submit Your Banner at

After finished setup my free ads portal at, I’d like to make a tutorial for them who want to submit their banner (sorry, its for Malaysians only). There are currently 6 place for your banner. Just choose where you want to put it. a9
Step 1– You must register first and then Login to your account.

You will be directed to your ads page. You can see your username at the top right corner and your ads there.

Step 2 – Scroll down and click ‘Advertise with us’ button to submit your banner.

a2There are 2 ways to submit your banner. One, the banner was at web server and you want to put the banner URL. Two, the banner was stored inside your computer and you want to upload it.


¬†– If you choose number One (submit the URL banner), click at ‘Click here’ sentence and fill in the forms as shown below.


– Choose the banner zone where you want to place your banner and click ‘Send Request’ button.

– If you choose number Two (you want to upload banner from your computer), then click at the ‘Browse’ button, choose your banner from your computer, and click the ‘Preview/Attach’ button.


– Fill in the form, choose your banner zone and click ‘Send Request’ button.

When, you’re done, stay cool and just wait for my email to activate your banner. Good thing for banner is a cell phone monitoring feature.

Terms of Service Generator

Quite busy 2 to 3 days because I want to setup my new free ads portal at When trying to modify the script, I found that they got one page for Terms of Use. However, you can try child monitoring software. I know this is the worst part I must do because my English is bad, so I try to find free Terms of Service Generator. I found one at

It’ completely free. But do I need the Terms of Use page? It’s a personal free ads portal and open for Malaysian resident. I think I don’t need it.

If you want to create a professional Terms Of Service or Use generator, you can try service from Web Privacy Policy Online.