How PTC sites grow your money

I think everyone familiar with this sites. PTC stands for ‘Paid to Click’ sites which claims to pay us Thousands of Dollars. Many of us start with PTC sites to make money online. I think because it was easy to use and need no investment from the beginning.


I know several PTC sites that still paid after 3 years or more and the others will stop after a month or two. We know the risk. But I always trying to use child monitoring software free. Don’t make investment to new PTC sites. We don’t know their reputation. Although ‘Onbux’ that online for over 2 years, shut down for no reason. I join this sites for about a year and make about 5 dollar. Haha. Without any referrals.

I am lazy to click the ads every day. I am still join several PTC sites that still survive until today. Like Neobux, Clicksia, Incentria, Clixsense and BuxMatrix. But I know I can’t make more than 2 dollars a day without Referrals with this PTC sites.

Now I move further to Forex to increase (or decrease?) my earnings.