How To Claim Technorati Token

What is Technorati? From Wiki, Technorati is an Internet Search Engine for searching blogs. So you should submit your blogs to Technorati to help your blogs SEO.

Technorati is one of the most robust blog directories and an excellent way to gain back links, cell phone monitoring and traffic for your blog. It’s very simple to submit a blog or any page that has an RSS feed.
And how to claim Technorati token.

1. After registered with Technorati, and submit your blog, you will receive email from them with the token inside it. Please check. It looks like below.oupp

2. Go to your blog and make a new post.
3. Copy your token in the email and paste on the post content.
4. Publish your post and then go back to Technorati web page and click on ‘Check Claim’ button.

Technorati will crawl and review your blog. You’re done.