How To Create a Facebook Fan Page

Everybody got facebook account right? And I think, there are 2 or more accounts for one person that make facebook a big community. So, with this big number, you can easily promote your blog or web through this great Social Networking Site. I have made one yesterday but not for this blog.  My affiliates offer child monitoring software for mobile phones – nice stuff actually. It’s for my free ads site but it’s the same step because the final part is you need the ‘code’ to publish it at your blog or website.

1. Login to your facebook account or create a new one.
2. Go to the bottom menu at your facebook account and find the ‘Create a Page’ link. Click to it.
3. Click on the ‘Brand or Product’ box like below.


4. Choose ‘Website’ from the dropdown list. The second box, write in your page name. Click the check box and press ‘Get Started Button’.

fb25. Upload photo for your page. And then ‘Continue’ button.


6. Invite your friends or Import Contacts for your new page or just skip it. You can edit it later. Press ‘Continue’


7. Your New Page has been properly set up. You can start posting or use the RSS Graffiti Application from facebook. It will catch all your blog post and post it to your Page Wall.