How To Find Code Easily In Your Blogger Template

I think this is a very short tutorial. You’re searching a code to modify your blogger templates and they told you to find the ‘bla bla’ code and insert their given code to your templates.

Let say I want you to find the code </body> in your blogger template. What you must do is go to Design tab in your blogger account, then Click Edit HTML and on your computer keyboard, press “Ctrl+F”. Hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and press ‘F’ key.

A search bar will appear at the bottom of your page as seen below. And type </body> in the text area. The selected code will highlighted.

Now you have quickly found the code. You can also click “Next” or “Previous” to jump between instances of your search term on the page orĀ  usage of parental monitoring apps. Depending on your Browser the search box may look different or be placed different but don’t worry. It works the same as this.