How To Get The Facebook Like|Fan Box Code

You must read 2 article before, if you want to read this one. Go to first article How To Create a Facebook Fan Page and second How To Use The RSS Graffiti Application.

So now you have create the Fan Page and feed your page with RSS Graffiti Application. The next step is you want put the Facebook Like or Fan Box on your web or blog.

Step 1. Visit your fan page and copy your fan page URL.


Step 2. Visit Paste your Fan Page URL on the text area and select the other choice to fit your fan page box with your web or blog.


– After finished, press the ‘Get Code’ button.

Step 3. A pop-up window will appear with the code inside. Follow the instruction. The code inside the top box, copy it to your blogger – Edit Html page under Design Tab. and paste it right after the <body> tag.


The second code, if you use blogger, copy it and paste it at your Page Element and child cell phone monitoring software. Go to Design tab – Page Element and choose Add A Gadget at the sidebar or any other place you want to put it. Choose HTML/Javascript, paste the code and save.


– Now ‘View’ your blog and you got the Facebook Like|Fan Box at your website or blog.

If you want simpler Like Facebook button, just adjust the Like|Fan Box Layout styles and choose your own box.