How To Use The RSS Graffiti Application on Facebook

You must see the previous article before you read this one. Click here to read How To Create a Facebook Fan Page.

Step 1. Go to and authorize it.


Step 2. Click ‘Allow’ when the app request for permission.


Step 3. Click the Name of the Page that you have created before and ‘Click To Authorize’ button.


Step 4. Check the setting again and Click ‘Allow’ at the next page.


Step 5. Click the ‘Add Feed’ button on the next page like below.


Step 6. Add your Feed URL. For blogger, you can use blogger feed,┬ácell phone monitoring for kids or feed-burner that you have set on your blog. I think for for blogger feed, the feed address it Tell me if I’m wrong.


Step 7. Then click the sentence below the box that says ‘click here to fetch and preview it’.
Step 8. Go to the Filter tab and select if you want the feed start from your post or start from you create the fan page.

Your Fan Page URL will look like (this was mine). I think I can get the URL shorter than this later.

You have just created your own fan page but with no fans like mine. You can get more fans, you can add a Facebook Like Box in your blog or website.