QR Code in Blogger

Did you have finished explore your blogger blog? I found this picture in Email & Mobile pages under the Setting Tab.


So, what is it? Search the web and found that this is a QR code stands for ‘Quick Response’. It’s because they allow the end user to quickly catch the information that you want to share to your blog.

But how to use it? If you want to read the QR code you need to download a QR code reader to your mobile device. Activate your QR code application or monitoring app and point it as the QR code square. Your mobile device will read the code then transmit the information to your phone.

What will appear in my phone if I activate the QR? Just click the preview button when you activate it and you will see how it will appear in your phone.


You can choose the template for mobile in the dropdown menu. See my blog in phone when I click the preview button with simple mobile template.